A recent study showed that less than half of all Australians even know about Lord Howe Island but the ABC is helping to fix that with their new series "Australia's Remote Islands" which featured an in depth tour of Lord Howe Island for the show's first episode.

 Lord Howe Island viewed from the ocean

Presented by Tracey Bowden, Australia's Remote Islands is a three-part series that will explore some of Australia's best kept secrets and the entire first episode was dedicated to our favourite place in the World, our very own Lord Howe Island. During the show Tracey interviewed quite a few locals to find out what life is really like here on Lord Howe Island, including the island's resident naturalist, Ian Hutton, who guests at Arajilla can arrange to go on birdwatching tours with during their stay on the island.

The show gave a great insight into island life here on Lord Howe, from the workers at the Kentia Palm nursery right through to the school kids who love calling Lord Howe Island "home."

You can watch the show online using the ABC's iview player at www.abc.net.au/iview/#/series/12593 but it's only available for a limited time after broadcast so make sure you don't miss out on this great chance to see what Lord Howe Island is really like. **UPDATE - The series has now finished its run on ABC's iView service but we'll keep an eye out and send out an update on our Facebook page if we ever notice it come up in the ABC's schedules again.

If you did miss out on seeing the ABC's show about Lord Howe Island you can always check out Arajilla's photo and video galleries to get a taste of what the island is like, or why not experience it for yourself with an all-inclusive stay with us here at Arajilla Retreat.