Arajilla Retreat is a very special place on a very special island. It's a small eco-resort tucked in a banyan forest just behind Old Settlement Beach, where the turtles come to swim. There's a lot to do if you feel like it, but nothing you have to do. It's easy here to unplug and slow right down.Take a walk or a swim. Breathe in the forest air. Listen to the birds. Just listen. Remember how to be still. At Arajilla you can enjoy the good life and what's good for you. At the Ayurvedic Wellness spa Scott and Kim can help you to relax and restore your balance and energy. Our chef Dennis prepares line caught fish and other fresh local produce to make seriously good food. Our happy, friendly staff all live on site and they are just like family. We love our work and we pitch in together to get things done. We like the simple things done well. To us , that's the good life. Time. Space. Stars. Sea. Bill & Janne