Lord Howe Island is ideally positioned as a centre for relaxation and activity.

In today's hectic world, Lord Howe Island offers a chance to escape from the mundane. Here you can do as little, or as much as you want. Immerse yourself in wellness activities such as yoga, enjoy a spa treatment or chill out on the beach.

With Lord Howe's World Heritage status, hiking through subtropical rainforest, climbing the imposing peaks of Mt. Gower and Mt. Eliza or diving and snorkelling the world’s most southern reefs is a fantastic way to experience nature at its best. There’s also great surfing, the thrill of sport fishing, and even the usual mode of transport on Lord Howe Island is fun, with bicycles freely available to all Arajilla guests.

Whether you're seeking action or a peaceful connection with nature, Lord Howe Island offers a range of activities to suit. Please speak to one of our friendly staff at Arajilla for recommendations or bookings.