Renowned for its pristine waters, Lord Howe Island draws many diving enthusiasts from around the world

Lord Howe Island Dive SpotsThere are more than 50 sites, ranging from shallow waters near the beach to spectacular caves, volcanic drop-offs and trenches. Dive around Admiralty Islets or Balls Pyramid, where the water is teeming with kingfish, golden drummers and Galapagos sharks up to 4m long!

Some of the best dive sites we recommend include:

Gower's pinnacle
Located north of the Admiralty Islets, this dive is for experienced divers only! The top of the pinnacle is 24 metres, with the bottom closer to 40. Here, deep gutters are filled with pelagics and large Black Coral Trees, whilst huge soft corals and large gorgonia fans frequent the drop-offs.

Rupert's Reef
Although this is also near the Admiralty Islets, this is a great dive for all levels. A crevice filled with Pelagics and coral runs through the middle of the reef whose top is in 10 metres of water, reaching 23 metres on the sand.

Located on the northern side of the island, this site offers a series of reefs ranging in depths from 10-20 metres. As well as being home to a wide variety of sea fauna and flora, these reefs include tunnels and swim-throughs to explore.