Snorkelling at Lord Howe is akin to being in a pristine tropical fish tank swimming shoulder to fin with endless varieties of fish.

Lord Howe Island Map - Snorkelling Spots

Fearless moon wrasse and elegant wrasse will swim right up to you in The Lagoon, visit coral lined Sylphs Hole, visit the wreck of The Favourite at North Bay, or swim next to turtles at Old Settlement Beach. It's a once in a lifetime experience you'll never forget! Some of the best snorkelling sites include:

Ned's Beach
There is both a shallow reef protected by a sand bank and a section over 10 metres deep. Here, schools of Kingfish, Spangled Emperor and the occasional Whale Shark can be sighted here.

North Bay
Abundant marine life including Drummer, Bluefish and Wrasse. After a swim and snorkel, why not have a relaxing picnic or BBQ after?

Sylphs Hole
See Green Turtles and Butterfly Cod here.

Comets Hole
Fresh water spring and reef wall with heaps of rays, Catfish and Painted Morwong.

Erscotts Hole
The prettiest coral garden and by far the safest snorkelling area.