Arajilla Retreat is right next to Old Settlement Beach where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the sand, take a quick dip to cool off, snorkel or swim with the turtles.

Lord Howe Island Surfing SpotsLord Howe Island also offers many other sandy beaches fringing a turquoise lagoon plus numerous surf beaches and breaks ideal for boards or body surfing enthusiasts. Blinky Beach is located on the east side of Lord Howe Island and is the most popular for body and board surfing – so good that locals call it Champagne Surf!

Old Settlement Beach, Lagoon Beach, North Beach and Lovers’ Bay are safe spots for a relaxing and refreshing swim – a place to quietly snorkel or to sunbath or picnic. Reef walking and beachcombing are best at Ned's Beach, Middle Beach, North Bay, Old Gulch and Old Settlement Beach. 
There is a full array of wonderful snorkeling sites. There is good beach fishing from Middle Beach, Blinky Beach plus Old Settlement Beach.

At Arajilla Retreat, beach towels, snorkelling gear, light fishing tackle and even a light picnic hamper and backpack are provided complimentary for the full enjoyment of your beach sojourn. Boards and kayaks are also available for hire.