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Experience All Lord Howe Island Has To Offer.

Off-shore Activities

  • Kayaking in the lagoon
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Surfing
  • Boat trip around the island
  • Turtle and snorkel tour
  • Old settlement Beach and Sylphs hole – snorkeling and swimming with turtles and other marine life
  • Snorkel boat tour and coral viewing (if you don’t want to snorkel you don’t have to) and view the most southern coral reef in the world.
  • Boat tour out to Balls Pyramid
  • Fishing trip

On-shore Activities

  • Steven’s reserve is open
  • Museum – program of talks and historical movies on a Wednesday night at the hall put on by the Schools P&C
  • The 1947 post war  plane crash site of the Catalina
  • Take the foreshore walk
  • Go for a bike ride to the other end of the island – walk as far as the palm forest at Little Island
  • You can walk over Bowker Ave to Middle Beach
  • Play Golf
  • Bird watching at Blinky’s Beach, Ned’s Beach, Lagoon Beach and main settlement area
  • Walk along the road to the end of the island.
  • Beach BBQ
  • Jetty Jumping and fishing
  • Fish feeding at Ned’s Beach
  • Reef walks at Low tide at Ned’s Beach


  • Middle Beach
  • Blinky Beach
  • Coby’s Corner
  • Lovers Bay
  • Salmon Beach

Enjoy all the wonderful services at Arajilla Retreat 😊