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Lord Howe Island

Pacific Island Paradise Of Your Dreams

From early morning the air is filled with echoing bird calls highlighting the uniqueness of being part of the natural bush surroundings.

Everything about Arajilla is special with luxury accommodation and first class service. We understand that some guests will want to visit for an adventure holiday, seeking out every corner of this World Heritage island, while others want to unplug, lay back and relax.

We have tailored packages to include Honeymoons, Eco-Adventure and Luxury Getaways.

Ball’s Pyramid

Ball’s Pyramid, the world’s largest volcanic sea stack, 562m above sea level, is located twenty kilometers southeast of the island.


While more than five hundred species of fish navigate the ninety species of coral in the surrounding waters, the island itself is home to more than a hundred and thirty species of birds, including the Lord Howe Island Woodhen until fairly recent times an endangered species. It is the only known location of the Lord Howe Island stick insect or Phasmid.

About Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is, in a word, ‘paradise’, a paradise that has held World Heritage Protection Status since 1982. This tiny island (11km x 2.8km) is located only two hours by plane from Sydney or Brisbane. Its climate can be best described as a perpetual spring, and it plays host to a exceptional range of natural phenomena, rich terrestrial and marine diversity, and an ecosystem developed from submarine volcanic activity.

Island History

The first European sighting of Lord Howe Island was in 1788, when British Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball gave it its name after the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Howe. It wasn’t until 1834 that the first settlers arrived, eight Maoris in total. The island became known as a place for whalers to stop for food and water.

Getting Here And Around

Lord Howe Island is 600km off the Australian mainland in the South Pacific Ocean. Visitors usually arrive by plane – a two hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Arajilla Retreat can arrange all your airport transfers for you. As Lord Howe is part of Australia, no passport is required for Australian citizens.

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