Lord Howe Island Weather

When is the best time of year to visit Lord Howe?

The climate on Lord Howe Island is likened to a perpetual Australian summer. It really is a paradise for those escaping the heat of summer, and the cold of winter. 

Lord Howe Island is surrounded by the ocean, moderating the temperatures on a seasonal and daily basis. The ocean temperature has a maximum 26°C in summer and minimum 18°C in winter so the air temperatures do not vary much from that, giving the island a perpetual spring feel.

This gives daily maximum temperatures average around 25°C in the summer months to 18°C during winter. The minimum average temperatures are 18°C to 13°C over the same period. Swimming is pleasant October to May, with the warmest water January to April.

Waterfalls at Erskine Creek Valley on Lord Howe Island

Like a Perpetual Spring

The seasons change gradually, winters are cool and wet with even rainfall; summers are warm and mild with less rain.

While the seasons may change gradually in temperature, they change dramatically with the seabird activity.

Most of our seabirds breed in spring and summer and depart for other areas over winter months. So in spring the island is marked by the return of the sounds and sights of thousands of seabirds courting, nest building and sitting on eggs.

Seasonal weather brings new life

By summer most chicks have hatched and the parents are seen busily flying in and out with food for the chick. In autumn the seabirds start to leave the island, but in March we see the arrival of the Providence petrel a special seabird for Lord Howe island as this is the only place they breed.

Thousands flying in and around their mountain home late in the afternoon. When their chicks hatch in July things are a little quiet – but then not long before the arrival of the spring seabirds, repeated year after year.

Sooty feeding summer lord howe weather
Spring Weather on Lord hwe Island
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