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As Kristen Pope, a contributor for Thrillist explains in this write-up “Lord Howe Island offers so much more than fun in the sun.” 

“I was one of only 400 visitors allowed on Lord Howe Island each day, itself home to a mere 445 residents, so despite the destination’s incredible allure, it never once felt crowded.” 

Rightfully describing Lord Howe Island as a paradise, with stunning natural beauty and a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, the article recommends activities including hiking, snorkelling, and exploring the island’s unique flora and fauna, including rare bird species.  

The article also highlights the island’s commitment to sustainable tourism and the importance of respecting the island’s delicate ecosystem. The Island’s is UNESCO World Heritage biodiversity and protected marine park are also featured. Along with the Permanent Park Preserve, home to endemic species unique to Lord Howe’s ecosystem including 241 indigenous plant species and 1,600 terrestrial insects. 

You will also find Arajilla Retreat featured in the accommodation section, which of course we appreciate! – See: “Kick back at cozy guesthouses and luxe resorts” section. 

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Experience Lord Howe Island

Explore the extraordinary scenery and wildlife of World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island. Be as active or as passive as you like. Walk bush trails, climb mountains, swim, surf, snorkel, fish, cycle around the Island, play golf beneath the mountains, take it easy on a deserted beach, enjoy a massage or treatment, savour fine food and wine.